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Stretch Sets Stretch Sets Stretch Sets

Stretch Sets

Our passion for innovating with stretch fabric is one of our key strengths that keeps us in our favoured position in the events design industry. By creating shapes and curves that remove all corners from a room, we soften an indoor space to give it a cavernous feeling. Or, outdoors, we build structural sculptures that give presence and atmosphere.

In modern events design, stretch fabric is used as a foundation for structural design with an organic ambience. We create structures like walkways, tunnels, and screen walls, canopies and projection screens for multimedia. All of these become the foundation 'walls' from which we build up the environment with a combination of lighting, backdrops, and props.

We have developed our own unique techniques with Lycra and other stretch fabrics. We are able to create scenery out of negative space cut from the fabric or shaped in between it that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Coloured, painted, and dyed Lycra fabrics are used for backgrounds as well as for complimentary shapes. Stretch netting, which is highly translucent, can be used to create a softer feel for a more ambient space.