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Lighting Lighting Lighting


Lighting is truly a key factor in creating an outstanding event. It must be designed to suit every different aspect of an event, and take into consideration the venue, the props, the performers, and the functionality of the spaces involved. Focal points need particular lighting, background structures can benefit from washes of coloured lighting, and intelligent lighting can make the real difference between and average and a spectacular event.

A wide variety of lighting is available for hire and installation, along with dedicated professional lighting technicians to control lighting throughout the course of an event. Anything from flood lights for practicality, to creative lighting like coloured washes, colour changing effects LED lighting, moving oil wheel and solar projection lighting, moving dance floor lighting, traditional lanterns and fairy lighting, to name a few of the lighting units and services we can provide.

We work in correlation with visual lighting technicians with many years of experience in their field, and they can create a mood with lighting that can change throughout the course of your event to keep the atmosphere constantly evolving.