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Fully immersed background scenery

Fully Immersed Background Scenery

To create a fully comprehensive theme for an event, we like to approach the scenery in the same way that a film production team's art department would build a film set. With the experience of working as a scenic artist for the movie industry, our director has instilled in all of Global Village's artists the same approach. This is how we create environments that encompass the whole landscape around the guests, and can make them feel as characters in this created reality.

We bring to the event full landscape backdrops, structural stretch structures, and additional props themed to make up this environment. From the traditional to the out of this world, many environments are available to choose from, or one can be commissioned on your behalf.

Already within our fairy tale storybook of events, we have various settings and scenes to work with. Our current production includes the following themes:

  • Mayan
  • Japanese
  • Spirit of Goa
  • Enchanted Woodland
  • Fairy Grotto
  • PsyManga
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory
  • Alien Landscape

We are also able to provide more traditional themes including

  • Arabian Nights
  • Caribbean
  • Chinese
  • Christmas
  • Egyptian
  • Indian
  • James Bond
  • Las Vegas
  • Medieval
  • Under the Sea
  • Venetian

These are a mere example of what we can provide for you, so feel free to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.