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Jason Pugh


Jason Carl Pugh is the creative inspiration and passion behind Global Village. He has worked in creative industries since 1996 and his interests have always involved one form of creative production work or another. His career spans the film, documentary, music video, television and events industries, before settling on the event decor design side of the creative sphere.

Jason has been an accomplished creative in various production industries. His career has seen him in the role of a successful Dj; event production designer; television industry production coordinator; music chart show director; post production manager at a music video production house; film scenic painter and event rigger.

Jason is presently the director for Global Village Productions in the U.K. Global Village functions as both a creation studio, producing various concepts, as well as an inspired installation company. Their aim is to develop environmental production design, its themes and its multimedia concepts in order to enrich the experience of events and to provide an innovative and successful contribution to the culture of event design.

Ivy Orth


Ivy has been an illustrator and painter since childhood, and has always used her skills in creative business fields. She started using her skills for advertsing in Chicago ten years ago, and has recently completed her BA in Art and Design at London College of Communication. She is one of the main contributing designers and painters in the Global Village family, as well as Production Co-ordinator and the creator of the Gaiasphere concept, including it's Psyche-Deli and Shisha Lounge.

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